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Anaerobic Adhesive


The word "anaerobic" means "without air", which means that these adhesives cure on removal of air (oxygen). The other pre-condition for anaerobic adhesives to cure is that they need to be in contact with a metal. Hence, anaerobic adhesives remain in liquid form until they are isolated from oxygen and come in contact with metals like iron, copper, etc. Anaerobic adhesives fill the gaps between metal components in an assembly (for example, a nut and bolt assembly). It is because of this property that they are used to augment the seal or hold components of a mechanical assembly together – all these applications usually require high shear strength.

Parson Adhesive Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers for a wide range of high-quality anaerobic adhesives for industrial engineering applications. Sonlok® range of anaerobic adhesives is used globally by a wide spectrum of industries spanning from electronics to automotive companies. The anaerobic adhesives include thread locking, thread sealant, retaining compound, and gasketing compound. Some grades are certified to NSF, Military, NSF and WRAS specifications.

Anaerobic Adhesive for Copper Pipe Bonding

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