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Welcome To Vitrochem Technology!

With over 20 years of adhesives and sealants expertise, Vitrochem Technology has contributed greatly in defining and supporting the manufacturing industries with a full range of high-performance bonding polymers and compounds that added values to the customers' end products. Our end-to-end solutions have been proven to be successful in taking on any unique bonding challenges that are presented to us. We take it in our stride!

Vitochem Technology offers the widest range of adhesive products that are designed and produced to meet every bonding requirement from the manufacturing, assembly and general industries. Our product range is being used in the field of Semiconductor, Electronics, Aerospace, RFID and many specialised market segments for the purpose of providing innovative bonding solutions. 

Regardless of the industry segments that we are serving, Vitrochem Technology has played a pivotal role of extending the most comprehensive range of specialty adhesives and sealants to the target industries and have been keeping the production lines and assembly process humming be it aerospace, electronics, semiconductor or paintbrushes. We have the right solutions!


Electronics PCB (1)
Anaerobic  Die Attach Epoxy
CyanoacrylateGlob Top Epoxy
Contact CleanerConformal Coating
Epoxy AdhesiveThermal Adhesive
Encapsulation AdhesiveSilicone Sealant


Solar & Wind Energy-min

Industrial Adhesive

Encapsulation Epoxy

Structural Sealant

Thermal Adhesive

Solar & Wind Energy

Automotive 1

Industrial Adhesives

Methacrylate Adhesives

Structural Sealants

Encapsulation Adhesives

Thermal Adhesives


Airplane Fan Case-min

Aviation Approved Epoxy

Greases & Lubricants


Fibre Optics

Optical Epoxy

Anaerobic Adhesive

Thermal Epoxy

UV Adhesive


Fibre Optics

JON PHOTOS 7-2-08 025

Polyurethane Adhesives

Epoxy Adhesives


Tuner 1-min

Contact Cleaners


Thermal Greases

Audio & Visual


Polyurethane Adhesive

Industrial Adhesive

Hot Melt


Robot Vacuum Cleaner-min

Anaerobic Adhesives

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Contact Cleaners

Greases & Lubricants

Industrial Adhesives

Electrical Appliances

Surf Board-min

Industrial Epoxy

Methacrylate Adhesive

Structural Sealant



Die Attach Epoxy

Die Attach Film

UV Dicing Tape


Car Battery-min

Anaerobic Adhesives

Encapsulation Epoxy

Hot Melt Adhesives

Industrial Adhesives

Battery & Power

Our Partners

The collaboration with world's renowned adhesives specialty companies has enabled Vitrochem Technology to provide innovative bonding technologies that will resolve technical challenges the industries may have and adding to the value and quality enhancement to the end products for the customers.

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